Universal Turbo Blade for Natural Stone

Electroplated Bandsaw Blade

  • Overview  
  • Specification  

            Mainly this band saw is used for cutting the lump of glass,
            engineered stone (quartz) , ceramic, etc.




Grit size

All type

  20W (mm)x0.6T



  Blade for Engineered Stone/ Jewelry/ Glasses/ Porcelain

Blade for Granite/ Marble/ Engineered Stone

Universal Turbo Blade for Natural Stone Universal Protection Turbo Blade for Engineered Stone
  Semi-Spiral Concave Blade (Economical) Both Protection Concave Blade (Fast/Durable) Thin Fast Turbo Concave Blade (Faster) Vacuum Brazed Concave Blade (Fastest)
  Concave Blade for Cutting Sink Hole

Electroplated Blade for Marble only

Multi Blade with Grinding Function for mainly Natural Stone Electroplated Dry Blade for Marble
  Electroplated Rim Blade & Segment Blade Double Electroplated Blade Electroplated Badsaw Blade Segment