ConfiAd® Solid Surface 10-year Limited Warranty


Terms and conditions

  Jin Gwang Industries warrants that ConfiAd® Solid Surface will be repaired or replaced, without charge, if it fails

 due to a manufacturing defect during the first 10 years from the shipment date.

  The 10 year limited warranty only applies to ConfiAd® Solid Surface products  that are stored, handled, fabricated,

 installed and used in accordance with the Fabrication manual, Care & Maintenance Guide and Technical Bulletins.


This warranty excludes the followings

  1. Failure to follow our instructions including storage, handling, fabrication, installation, care, maintenance, and etc.

  2. Misuse and abuse including, but not limited to physical damage and chemical damage.

  3. Minor conditions such as scratches, satins, burns, water spots and other.

  4. Damages caused by excessive heat exposure.

  5. Damages caused by acts of nature such as weather effects, fire, flood, and etc.

  6. Failure or dissatisfaction with appearance of accessory items including, but not limited to joints, seams, adhesives,

      caulk, and etc.

  7. Workmanship of Fabricators or Installers.

  8. Fabrication or installation or handling or maintenance error.

  9. Any products moved from their original place of installation.

10. Damages from other than manufacturing defect.

11. Color variation from the sample.